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              TIJN × KSENIYA RAIN

              My name is Kseniya Rain. I am the creator of the virtual character on the Septembrenell network, an illustrator, the author of the capsule clothing collection and the author of drawing courses. I’m blogging with a half million audience about art and travel. My goal is to increase the beauty and love in the world, to teach other people to see it everywhere through creativity.

              TIJN × EKATERINA ALEX

              I'm a self-taught Russian artist, and write in a surreal style in a modern style. I’m always interested in the themes of life and death, the dark side of life and infinity. The atmosphere of the works is dark and magical. The painting is figurative in nature. Style in or art for me is life. I do it around the clock, teaching people, drawing, writing projects. I think if it wasn't for art I would have died of boredom.

              TIJN × ANDO SAN

              I am an L.A. based artist named Ando San. My work is an homage to my struggles, the things I love, and simply, an amalgamation of my passion for music. I produce and record all of my music and have been playing guitar for 10 years. Innovation and creating something new is what I strive for. “Prog-Hop” is a word that I like to use to describe my music; it is combining genres in a cohesive manner that creates a fluid motion of the music. Hip-Hop and prog music go hand in hand, and my hope is I can bring the two worlds together in a harmonious way. My new record titled “Sometimes It Be Like That” is coming out this year and It is literally everything I wanted artistically. The vibe is hope and positivity.

              TIJN × CHRIS LUNO

              Howdy! I'm Chris Luno, Melodic House DJ & Producer currently based in Berlin. I started DJing in the Netherlands during my Media Management studies and then moved to Cologne, Germany, where I became an intern for a renowned DJ Duo. Few years later, I started my own YouTube channel where I showcased my vinyl gems and DJ mixes. To describe my music: it is officially proven for parties, but also suitable for predrinks at your place.

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