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Eyes on the Green Future

Commitment to sustainability

Always finding the balance between the quality eyeglasses we made and the carbon footprint we left.
TIJN embraces the idea of looking toward the future to ensure a green, healthy and thriving planet.

It all starts from nature

This is how we look in Real Life

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Their elasticity and stability ensure that the frames fit well and retain their shapes.


Floral elements in nature environment reveal the significance of decomposition that can be used again for plant growth.


Expressed in visual form of translucent surroundings on earth. Cotton-based materials and puristic design define the unmistakable lightweight.

Voices from Nature Lovers

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Get inspiration from our curated collections that design meets technology for eyeglasses.

Vintage Cool

An eclectic vintage feel. Retro glasses have been made into a variety of shapes, colors and styles. The further you go back in time, the more vintage frame looks from modern designs.

TIJN Originals

Paving the path, to perfect foresight. Featuring longtime best-sellers and new wears, these frames, a combination of varieties shapes, colors, and styles, are worth adding to your eyewear wardrobe.

Retro chic cat-eyes

Draw eyes upward with just the right amount of feline spirit. Discover our wide selection of cat-eye glasses with beautiful shapes that really highlight your facial features.

Wild Flowers

Blooming a riot of colours. Collaboration edition packaging comes with the purchase of this collection.

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